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Born alive and left cold to die

A coroner’s case from the Northern Territory revealed that little Jessica Jane who was born during an abortion, was put in a cold kidney dish crying, for one hour and twenty minutes before she died.


No life support provided for baby

Queensland’s clinical practice guidelines specifically state: “Do not provide life sustaining treatment”. It says: “Handle baby gently and carefully and wrap to provide warmth”, however there is no mention of performing a pain assessment or assessment of distress for the baby, or providing any medical treatment accordingly.


Born alive and left cold to die

Babies recorded are only those over 20 weeks or over 400 grams: “In Australia, registered deaths are those born at 20 weeks' gestation or more, and/or weighing 400 grams or more.” So a fetus born alive at 19 weeks, weighing 300 grams will not be recognised as a human born alive, but a fetus born alive at 19 weeks weighing 400 grams would be recognised as a human born alive.


No mandate for pain

“If a live birth occurs: Support the woman’s wishes and preferences, Handle baby gently and carefully and wrap to provide warmth, Offer opportunities to engage in care provision (e.g. cuddling/holding) as desired, Do not provide life sustaining treatment (e.g. gastric tubes, IV lines, oxygen therapy), Provide sensitive emotional support and reassurance to parents throughout the process and afterwards, Document date and time end of life occurs.”


Unborn babies experience pain

“The substantial published scientific literature on the topic shows that babies can experience pain at least by 15 weeks gestational age.” and that “unborn babies may experience pain as early as 12 weeks.”*


37 week termination

 37 weeks gestation baby terminated for psychosocial reasons in Victoria in 2011: Table 6:20b, page 141,, Consultative Council on Obstetric and Paediatric Mortality and Morbidity  2010 and 2011, Victoria’s Mothers and Babies, Victoria’s Maternal, Perinatal, Child and Adolescent Mortality, State Government of Victoria, Melbourne


Definition of Psychosocial Reasons

“In medicine, having to do with the mental, emotional, social, and spiritual effects of a disease, such as cancer. Some of the psychosocial effects of cancer are changes in how a patient thinks, their feelings, moods, beliefs, ways of coping, and relationships with family, friends, and co-workers.” ‘Psychosocial’, NCI Dictionaries, U.S Department of Health and Human Service, National Institutes of Health, National Cancer Institute, USA, gov.


Each year 36 babies born alive and left to die

In the years 2010-2020, 396 babies were born alive during a failed abortion in Victoria. On average that works out at 36 babies per year. See the reports for specific details.


Every seven days 

On average, 1 baby is born alive and left to die in Victoria and Queensland every 7 days during an abortion. (2010-2020)


Babies Born Alive and left die across states

Data included is verifiable. However data from: The Northern Territory could not be included because the reports do not clearly differentiate stillbirths from neonatal deaths. The Australian Capital Territory (ACT) could not be counted because there is no clarification of live births resulting from termination of pregnancy or other medical scenarios such as spontaneous premature labor etc. New South Wales, Tasmania, and South Australia reports are not publicly released - or they are not easy to access/locate.


84 babies born alive QLD &VIC

84 babies in 2020 were born alive from failed termination in Queensland and Victoria.

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