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Babies Born Alive Bill

Nationwide, hundreds of babies have been born alive following abortion procedures.

In many Australian states, doctors are not even required to provide medical assistance to children born alive following an abortion.

These babies are left to gasp for breath until they die.  They deserve the same rights and medical treatment as any other Australian baby born alive.

A senate inquiry was held in July 2023. 


On average, more than 1 baby is born alive and left to die in Victoria and Queensland every 7 days during an abortion. 


A midwife story

“When I began photographing the baby, the flash stimulated this little boy to breath. I was horrified, how could he have possibly survived the termination? We didn’t know what to do, there was no policy for this situation. I picked up this perfectly formed baby wrapped him is a blanket and put him under a heater in the storeroom. It was so distressing.”

Babies Born Alive Bill

Senator Matt Canavan, Senator Ralph Babet and Senator Alex Antic have co-signed a bill to give babies born alive from abortion a right to life.


Babies Born Alive resources offer quick stats and infographics backed up by data. 

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