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National Prayer

21 Days of Compassion & Mercy 

Prayer & Fasting for the unborn

January 21st - February 10th 2024

80,000 plus babies are tragically lost in Australia from abortion each year.
For 21 days each year we commit to prayer and fasting around our nation.
For 2024 we are praying for compassion and mercy.

How it works

Prayer: There are 21 devotionals and prayers on this page one for each day. From the 21st of January till the 10th of February open each days prayer. There are extra prayer point for each day if you would like to continue praying.

Helpful tips for 21 days of prayer: 

Pray at the dinner table - after your meal include those around your dinner table by reading devotion aloud and praying together.

Set an alarm: Set an alarm as a reminder to pray each day.

Don't give up - we all have busy days and weeks so if you get behind or miss a day just keep going.


Fasting: This might be a new concept, fasting is giving up something that you enjoy. Fasting is a good reminder to pray if fasting isn't something you think you can do thats okay you can still pray.

Helpful tips for 21 days of fasting: 

Pick something you can fast but be reasonable.

Be kind to yourself if you miss a day just reset the next day.

Things you could fast include: coffee, sweets, social media or video games! It's really about sacrificing something you enjoy as reminder to pray and seek God.


Thank you for taking part in National Prayer and Fasting for compassion and mercy for the unborn. We speak blessings over you and your family for your commitment to praying for the unborn. 

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